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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sunglasses from Firmoo Optical

Yesterday, I received a  package from Firmoo Optical. I was at the post office, checking my mail box and was surprised  to have a gift package, free of charge, including shipping. I excitedly took a picture of the package inside the car so I could open it right then and there. And here it is, 3 beautiful pairs of sunglasses.

Before going to the post office, I was thinking of sunglasses to wear while driving, but unfortunately, I don't have one inside my car. It was 10 in the morning and the sun hurts my eyes really bad while driving without any eye protection. God is really good, he knows what I needed that time. 

I love all the sunglasses and used it right away driving back home. The Harry Potter/Ozzy Osbourne sunglasses is for my teenage son. He excitedly tried it on and then headed to his room to keep it on a safe place. My little boy said the other pair was his. I just let him wear them for a while, just to make him happy.

                                      I know right, my son rocks those glasses. ;)                                     

Firmoo Optical is a popular online eyeglasses store that offers FREE SHIPPING worldwide on 2 pairs or more!


  1. Wow! That's cool! God is indeed good for providing you such timely and free stuffs.

  2. Wow! :D I want some new sunglasses too.. Or I NEED a pair, so to speak.. XD

  3. I went to their website before to get a coupon but never really used it...nag expire tuloy! :) But I was notified that I can still avail their promo anytime. They do have really nice and cute glasses and I would definitely check their website again if I ever find my eye prescription papers.

  4. yay you got firmoo-ed! your eyeglass case looks better than mine! haha. i am also eyeing for that round glasses at their website ;)

    1. yes ,my husband likes round eyeglasses and when I showed it to him ,he said he like it too.He named them "Harry Potter" eye wear.


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