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Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to Earn Money at Bidtraffic

If you have difficulty getting approve at Adsense,try Bidtraffic and you will  get approval easily.Bidtraffic is a search based advetising network that will give you some URL with your affiliated ID to use to make money. When you signed up you will get URL like this:

When people search and click the link you will get paid. If you get click on the top paying keywords then you will definitely earn. Some high paying key words gives you $5 per click which is way better than adsence.

Here's how to sign up
1. Go to Bidtraffic for an account and Sign up. Once you signed up you will get red line at header saying that your feed version is regular .
2. If you want to increase your earning you need a VIP + feed. Go to contact at the lower left corner of the site and click ticket.Send support ticket requesting for VIP +. Wait for 2 days or more and you will get an answer like this once approved.

28 Feb 2011                   Support
We set up your account so that you can start working.Feed version ofr your account was changed to VIP+.All changes will be applied in 1-2 hours.Thanks for cooperation
3. One you have a VIP+ feed, you can insert ads in your blog ,can use every feed to make money and you will get high paying advertisers .

Bidtraffic pay through PayPal, checks, wire transfer, WebMoney, StormPay, and EPESE.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Vigamox Eye Drops

I brought my 3 years old son to his pediatrician last week for pink eye. He was prescribed by antibiotic ointment eye drop. I was surprised how expensive the medicine was but I need it so I have no choice but to pay for it. I had a hard time dropping it into my son's  left eye because he was crying and keep moving  so I asked my eldest son to hold him.  He was complaining that  the medicine goes into his nose and he can taste it. So my  tip for mommies  is to apply light pressure to the inside corner of the eye (near the nose) after each drop to prevent the fluid from draining down the tear duct.

Brand Name: Vigamox
Generic Name: moxifloxacin ophthalmic (mox ee FLOCK sah sin)
Price- 3 ml, $107.32  . I paid $50, after insurance.
Application- 1 drop ,3X  a day for 7 days.

How does it works for the eyes? It is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic that kills sensitive bacteria by stopping the production of essential proteins needed by the bacteria to survive.

The 7 Deadly Credit Card Sins

“Card”-inal Sins
Credit cards can be a great asset or a great liability, depending on how a cardholder uses them. While you probably won’t go to hell for committing any of these sins, the financial situation you will find yourself in afterwards can certainly cause some pain to your pocketbook and damage your credit score. Read on to find out the seven deadly credit mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

Gluttony: Bumping Up Against Your Credit Limit

Just because your issuer awarded you a $6,000 credit limit doesn’t mean you should max the card out. For starters, those who aren’t able to pay off their balances in full increase the likelihood of winding up in debt, since they’ll be subject to the interest on their purchases. Secondly, bumping up against your credit limit is likely to have a negative overall impact on your credit score.

“The closer you get to your credit limit, the riskier your credit profile is going to look,” says Chris Mettler, founder of, since it leads to a high credit-to-debt utilization ratio. Mettler says a best practice is to use credit in moderation, using only 15% or less of your total credit at any given time. And yes, you should also pay off all those balances in full by the end of the month whenever possible.

Pride: Not Checking Your Credit Score

You might assume your credit score is in fine standing based upon a presumably stellar payment history, but the truth of the matter is that credit reports can easily contain errors. And the more egregious ones, like inaccurate delinquencies or improper credit limit information, can cost you more than a few points on your accompanying credit score.

As such, consumers should check their credit report at least once a year – especially since you’re entitled to one free copy each year, thanks to the Fair Credit Reporting Act – or right before you apply for a big loan, to minimize the chance that you’ll encounter any surprises.

Lust: Applying for Too Much Credit
Lucrative sign-on bonuses can certainly be attractive, but that doesn’t mean you should apply for every credit card that’s touting one. Too many credit card inquiries – generated by lenders who are looking to see if you deserve a new line of credit – in a short timeframe can also negatively impact your credit score. Instead, apply for credit as you need it and add a new card to your payment arsenal about once a year until you’ve got three or four you can consistently pay off on time at your disposal.

Greed: Taking Out a Cash Advance
It may seem like an awesome idea to use your credit card to get a cash advance at a casino so you have some cash to gamble with, but in addition to the lousy odds you’ll have in making the money grow, the paper comes with a price.

“You’re going to be charged a significant amount of interest,” Mettler says, estimating that most transactions will carry an interest rate around 23% or higher. As such, it’s best to use a credit card only in instances where the plastic itself can be used to make the purchase… and you can pay back the funds by the subsequent bill’s due date.

Envy: Applying for a Card That’s Out of Your League
Your globe-trotting friend may continuously flash a credit card that grants them access to swanky airport lounges, earns free airfare and avoids foreign transaction fees, but don’t let jealously lead you to sign up for one of your own. Typically, cards of that caliber contain high annual fees that are only worth paying if you travel enough to justify the rewards.

Instead, ask yourself a few questions to figure out what type of credit card is more suitable to your lifestyle.  (You'll also want to check that your credit score qualifies you for the account so as not to rack up any unnecessary inquiries we were talking about.) There may be a great rewards card with no annual fee that will look much better with your name on it. 

Wrath: Closing All Your Credit Card Accounts
Those who have gotten burned by their plastic may be inclined to cut up all the credit cards in their wallet and close all the accompanying accounts, but it’s best to curb your anger. Closing accounts can negatively influence your credit-to-debt ratio, especially if the one card you’re leaving open – or transferring a balance to – is bumping up against its credit limit.

It’s better to keep the account open, but not use it, since that will keep your credit-to-debt ratio positively intact and not jeopardize the average age of your credit report.

Sloth: Not Checking Your Monthly Credit Card Statements
It can be easy to set up automatic bill pay on your account and then forget all about your credit card, especially in instances where you use it infrequently. However, it’s a bad idea to skip out on checking your monthly credit card statements entirely.

“You can be paying for things you’ve signed up for and forgotten about,” Mettler says, in addition to any fraudulent charges that may appear, courtesy of errors or – worse yet – identity theft.

By Jeanine Skowronski

Sunday, January 22, 2012

How to Convert Your Blog Into A Do Follow Blog

No Follow was  originally designed to stop comment spam in blogs.No Follow simply tells the search engine spiders that the link with the '"No Follow"  attribute should not be followed.
<a href="" rel="nofollow">Link text</a>

Do Follow is the opposite of No Follow. This means that when you leave a comment, it will appear on search engines as a backlink. It is a great way to  increase traffic,obtain backlinks and your Google page rank.


Why do you have to convert  your Blog Into A Do Follow ?

Turning your blog into 'Do Follow is a nice way to share some link juice with those who took the time to comment in your blog .They know they have something in returns which is the backlink.It is also one way of saying "Thank you" to them.

How to turn your Blogger Blog into a DoFollow Blog Go to, click Layout | Edit HTML. Check the box near Expand Widget Templates. This is recommended . Now search for this piece of code :
<a expr:href='data:backlink.url' rel='nofollow'><data:backlink.title/></a>
Here delete rel=”nofollow” and now the code looks like this :
<a expr:href='data:backlink.url'><data:backlink.title/></a>
and then look for  this code again:

<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel="nofollow">
Here delete rel=”nofollow” and now the code looks like this :
<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl'>
This makes all the comment links in Blogger blogs a  Do Follow link.

How to turn your WordPress Blog into a DoFollow Blog

Plugin makes it  more simple for the wordpress users to convert their blog  into "Do Follow" .just download the plugin and activate it.You can also convert your blog into do follow blog by customizing the code (without a plugin) but it is too risky according to the wordpress users.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sharpe's Fall and Winter Clearance Sale

Seasonal Sale   is one of the few  thing that I learned to love in the US aside from  Black Friday.The sale goes to as low as 85% off .They mean it when they say sale.I got the invitation inside my mailbox and excitedly waited for the day. It was Wednesday so the kids were in school .They just told me the items that they like.Green cowboy boots for kuya (eldest) and blue cowboy boots for bunso(youngest).I got all the shoes that they like and some clothes for the 3 of us for only$144.

 My youngest Ariat blue leather boots
Original Price -$90
Sale Price- $24.49

My eldest Tony Lama green leather boots
Original Price-$170
Sale Price-42.49

My black and pink Ariat leather boots.
Original Price- $160
Sale Price-39.99

I got great deal,right?My hubby is too picky for his shoes and clothes so he is always out into my shopping lists. I let him buy his on stuff.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fit and Fashion at the Middle of Nowhere

I'm in the mood to photo shoot my 13 year old son to see how well he projects on cam  using my Nikon D70. Here’s some  of the photos that I shot last weekend. It's not a professional shot  though but I am working on it.More practice and learning and the good thing is my eldest is willing to be my model for free.

He is wearing a long sleeve plaid Wrangler western shirt,Levi's slim straight jeans and a Durango leather  boots .Photos taken at Oklahoma,USA

Monday, January 2, 2012

Notepad Corner’s Author Birthday Bash Giveaway

Happy Birthday Joy ! Wishing you a very fruitful year ahead .May the good Lord Bless you and your love ones more with good health and  happiness in life.
As a way of thanking all her supporters and followers for a very special day in her life,Joy is giving away  mini-home items for the seven lucky winners.Check the prizes below  to see what is in store for you.Who knows ,you might be one of the lucky winner.Giveaway will start on the eve of her birthday, January 3, 2012 EST time.
The contest  is for Philippine Residents only.

Click here to join


6th anniversary ...

Here's another contest to join for Philippines Resident only .A 6th Anniversary Contest as a way of thanking the followers for supporting her blog for 6 years.
Prizes are:
1. one Singapore demitasse set
2. 3 notebooks and a memo cube
3. 3 packs of Starbucks Via
4. Php300 Starbucks GC
How to join:
1. Follow this blog thru Google Friend Connect which can be found at the sidebar under the label Followers.
2. Like the Facebook page of Life is Kulayful
3. Post the following message on you wall:
Life is Kulayful is celebrating its 6th year with its first ever contest. Join by going to and bring some color into your life.
Contest will run from today till January 15. If this is supported by many, I'll hold a contest every other month with more kick ass prizes. I hope you guys will join. Winner will be chosen via Random Picker.

Open to Philippine residents only.
Click here for you to join.
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