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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rimmel Stay Glossy

When I moved  to US in 2010,I never had the chance to buy a new set of make up .I was thinking that everything is expensive here so I bought most of the stuff from the Philippines.After  more than a year, it is high time that I buy some  new make up to replace the old and expired ones .I can' find Max factor product in my area so I tried this products,Rimmel eyebrow pencil 001 and 019 Quad eye shadow to cover my eye bag and it works well with my skin tone.What I like best is the Rimmel's Stay Glossy lip gloss for a very affordable price but worth buying for .There were 24 shades to choose from .I got me the "all day seduction".It is non sticky,smooth and really moisturizes my lips.Great lip gloss and I really love this.I will definitely  get more shades to try.

Stay Glossy LipglossGet a glossy upgrade!!Stay Glossy’s cutting-edge Shine Extend™ technology will give you runway lips and up to 6 hours of wow-worthy colourDouble the moisture instantlywith Silk & Natural Cotton.Shape Up your lips with SOFT-EXTEND lip hugging applicator.Perfectly defined glossy lips.GET A GLOSSY UPGRADE!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to Look Younger and Beautiful

Easy solution you can do to look great no matter what your age
1. Eat sensibly.
2. Exercise.
3. Avoid the sun.

Little things that can make dramatic difference
1.Sunscreen .-For deeper skin  care use sunscreeen .Expert recommends retinoid,it stimulates collagen production and increase the skin's water content,which can prevent sagging but for majority of dermatologists,retinoids are second in importance only to sunscreen.

2.Less make up-Many women take more make up as they grow older which is wrong.Once skin starts losing its firmness ,less is better because make up tends to slide into and accumulate age lines.

3. Rethink your hair style- For curly and thick hair ,aim for a shoulder  length cut and for a  straight to slightly wavy hair ,a mid -neck to chin length cut.It will showcase the cheekbones which is good for the fac that is losing firmness.

4. Hair color-Don't go for extremes.Anything too dark accentuates the drabness of the complexion that's become too rosy and more ashy.If your hair is growing gray,don't depart more than two shades from your original hair color.

5. Fahion style- Fool the eye fashion.Practice camouflage dressing.Stay away from round or scoop necks which repeat the curve of a drooping bust.Trry V neck instead.It direct the eye upward. To hide the sagging neck,avoid the classic turtle neck ,go for a scrunchneck or loose-fitting mock turle neck.Look for a small shoulder pad jacket .As for jewelries ,stay away from chockers,it draws attention to a sagging neck skin.Instead ,try a pendan necklace .Use button ,stud and small hoops earrings instead of  dangly earrings that accentuate cheeks .
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