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Friday, May 29, 2015

The Right Life Insurance For You

Choosing the right life insurance in this day and age is not easy. People find coverage that's right for them and their loved ones. We don't want to leave our love one's who depend on us financially with the burden of paying for our funeral. Owning a life insurance policy will free them from headache and pain of all the expenses needed when you passed away. The life insurance money can be used to pay your mortgage, fund your children's education, and more. An insurance will leave your family debt free and will not inherit our loved ones leftover debts.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Buy 1 Get 1 for 1 cent Promo

I always receive newspaper promotions from stores but not really excited to shop during the promo period. To be honest I don't shop at stores just because they have promo's, unless I ran out of stocks needed for my cooking, or in a hurry to buy I really needed for the day. I do my weekly grocery shopping at another store which is way cheaper. I am a very practical housewife, and budgeting is one of the ways to save the hard earned money of my husband. I know how much they priced their commodities, a little bit higher than all the other stores in our place. For a tight budget mom like me, grocery prices should be reasonable.
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