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Saturday, April 13, 2013

How to Wipe Your Child's Nose

Wiping  kids  dirty nose is not easy and needs a lot of patient. They don't like it that mommy always wipe their nose with a tissue or cloth. After wiping the nose many times in a day, there will be skin irritation caused by rough tissue or cloth that rubbed their skin. The best solution is to buy a skin friendly nose wipes like Boogie Wipes,  made especially to clean nasal discharge.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Best eBay Buy: Tibetan Silver Green Jade Earrings

actual  picture shown on eBay

This is one of the best deal I ever had from eBay. Hubby saw it and asked if I like it. After checking the price bids and FREE SHIPPING, I said yes, and started biding during the last 2 minutes for $1.00 and a maximum bid of $2.00. I was not really thrill of winning so I told happy not to bid  anymore. Luckily nobody outbid hubby for $1.00. We won the bid and after a week, my  earnings came, exactly what it say it is from the photo. I am very happy for the quality,  perfect for my ears. Shipping is quick too.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pampers Kandoo Flushable Wipes Review

My son is 4 years old and cannot live without a baby wipes. He do not use toilet paper and definitely ask for wipes every time we ran out in the bathroom. Baby wipes really helps my son stay clean on his own in between bath without the sore and rashes from the regular toilet paper. I always try different brand of wipes to see which ones gives my children the best results.The latest one I have now is the Pampers Kandoo flushable wipes.

Pampers Kandoo 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo Review

I received a frog-shaped bottle of Pampers Kandoo 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo, Kandoo Flushable wipes and Boogie Gentle Saline wipes for stuffy noses. The design and shape of the shampoo bottle fits right into the corner of the bath tub. I love the idea of a pump, it makes the shampooing super easy for me and my sons little hand. The 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo is natural, gentle on the scalp, safe, eye friendly, a tear-free formula, so I don't have to worry about the shampoo getting into his eyes.
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