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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

3 Online Services to Check Out When You Need to Cut Down on Costs

Given the rising prices of basic commodities and other important stuff, cutting down on costs is an important exercise nowadays. In that regard, here are three online services that can help you do just that:


 Business sense dictates that efficiency is key to longevity. Customers are satisfied. Cash reserves aren’t sorely depleted. If properly compensated, workers are happy, and so is management. It is for this efficiency reason that corporate intranets and CRMs came to be. Then again, regrettably for small businesses, these tools don’t come cheap. As a matter of fact, they can potentially bleed a startupper dry. Bleed no more because is here to save the day. is a CRM + social intranet application that is free for companies with up to 12 employees. It’s cloud-based, meaning, installation is not necessary. Plus, it can be accessed via a browser or a smartphone. And not like other free software, comes with a fully functional CRM, calendar, activity planner, real-time streaming, messaging system, sales funnel and so much more. If you have far more than 12 employees, monthly subscription is $99.


 Nowadays, with millions and millions of top-level domains already registered and more being registered everyday, finding a suitable, catchy and easy-to-remember domain for a website can be a tough one to pull. Hiring the services of a branding agency may sound absurd, but believe me, there are some companies that resort to doing just that. Branding agencies, however, can charge too much. And that, for the most part, is a tougher one to pull, especially for small businesses or plain individuals wanting a space of their own in the world wide web. is a branding/naming service that taps into the power of crowdsourcing to come up with the most relevant, catchy and easy-to-remember name, domain or slogan. boasts of a broad base of more than 50,000 registered contributors from all walks of life. To start receiving suggestions, register as a client, pay the $50 deposit for a name or domain (slogans cost $75) and specify your naming conditions. If none of the suggestions match your requirements, you get a refund. If that isn’t risk-free, I don’t know what is.


 The cost of airfare travel has considerably cheapened due to the emergence of low-cost carriers and online ticketing outlets. Nowadays, however, the competition has become so stiff among airlines that they don’t pitch their best deals to price-comparison sites anymore. Of course, they don’t want potential customers to get distracted by deals other airlines offer. As a consequence, they keep their best and cheapest deals in their own corporate sites or partner third-party sites. The consumer then would have to go hunting down the best and cheapest deals by going from one airline site to another, one flight site to the next and so on and so forth until he finds what he’s looking for. Toxic, eh? is your metasearch engine that searches through 728 airline sites, hundreds of flight and ticketing sites for the best and cheapest airfare deals possible and makes the data it gathers available for public use. Essentially, what intends to do is shorten the time it takes for an individual to find the best possible airfare deals he can afford. is indeed your ultimate one-stop airfare shopping portal.


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