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Friday, June 1, 2012

Health Benefit of Electronic Cigarettes

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Cigarettes are bad for our health but still one of the most selling product in the market probably because of its addictive effect. Smoking is a leading contributor to death and illness in America. It kills more people than car accidents and alcohol. To stop the people from smoking, there are some products in the market that helps smokers to quit smoking like the  nicotine patch and the alternative cigarette called Electronic Cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette is indeed a healthier and cheaper alternative to traditional cigarettes. It still gives you the action of smoking minus the bad odor and the second hand smoke. With the high cost of smoking cigarettes and the danger it brings to your health, Electronic cigarettes  is the best choice for smokers looking to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. Oz  even mention it to his show a few times. I don't smoke but my husband do and have been using it every now and then.

Here are the benefits of Electronic cigarettes:

1. It gives nicotine but it does not give any harmful chemicals that can cause cancer.
2. The cartridge is a lot more cheaper compare to an entire pack of cigarettes so you can save a lot of money every year.
3. It is odorless so you won't smell like a smoker any longer.
4. It has no tar, no ash and no tobacco.
5. No second-hand smoke, so it is safe to use anywhere, in your house, work place, bars and even in the airplanes.
6. Electronic cigarettes are reusable cartridges, with a ball point pen so it is convenient to travel with.

Electronic cigarettes starter  kit consist of Carrying Case, Rechargeable Battery, Atomizer, Refillable Cartridges, bottle of e liquid.

If you want to try this, there are some company who are offering an Electronic Cigarette Free Trial kit for a month's supply but you have to pay for shipping.

A disassembled cigarette-styled electronic cigarette.

A. LED light cover
B. battery (also houses circuitry)
C. atomizer (heating element)
D. cartridge (mouthpiece)


  1. Yeah, it seems that it is really more beneficial than the actual cigars.

  2. little by little, the urge of buying this and use it is near.. hahaha.. i really have to quit smoking..

  3. I was able to quit smoking without the aid of e-cigs. As a mom, my son was my biggest motivation to give up smoking all together. I've been nicotine-free for three years now. :)

  4. I hope that more people will quit smoking. My uncle had both legs amputated before he died due to lung cancer.

    Hope you can visit me too at:

  5. i think this is best for my mom cause she still doesnt quit smoking!

  6. My husband smokes..... less lately, and he has something similar to this too! It's a good tool for transition but it still takes a lot of will power for the smoker to switch to this, and eventually quit altogehter.

  7. If only all smokers would switch to something like this it would also mean less air pollution.

  8. Uso na ngayon ganito. Mas okay pa to kesa sa Cigarettes talaga.

  9. Yes I saw one mall shopper using this too. I wonder if it's okay to use it inside malls or smaller spaces?

    1. kapag sinita and if they found out na wala namang apoy, pwede siguro.

  10. Hey eager stuff precise substance your response on
    cigarettes by mail

  11. Electronic cigarette is indeed a healthier and cheaper alternative to traditional cigarettes according to customer.

  12. Electronic cigarette provides you the same sensation of smoke without causing any risk to life. You won’t find a tremendous quality product with complete after sales customer services anywhere, but, at JASPER and JASPER. They claim, life is about choice… I am happy that I made my choice right.

  13. This is a really excellent read personally, Must admit that you are one of the finest bloggers I ever saw. We truly stumbled about this on yahoo, and im happy Used to do. I’ll definitely be coming back again.

  14. We can consider using electronic cigarettes could be our first move in quitting smoking. It does not give us harm unlike real cigarettes , though many claims using e cig doesn't give any bad effects but still smoking is not good for our health, if we can avoid thoroughly it, the better for us.

  15. I can attest to e-cigar positive effect on users. My brother-in-law and his wife use this gadget and ngayon. Hindi na sila nag-sisigarilyo. Tong-its na lang. LOL


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