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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Color Trends for Spring and Summer 2012

Spring is definitely in the air. Tangerine  has been named the  color for Spring & Summer 2012  but bright yellow is obviously the most popular color of choice.But I don't think yellow color works on all skin tones.So if you think that  a bright yellow dress is too bold for your taste, don't be out of  the trend.You can try a combination of any pastel colors.

If you are planning a new wardrobe for Spring season, here are the  list of hues most designers used in the Spring and Summer collections.

1. Orange-Orange comes everywhere and on everything, shoes,  sunglasses, dresses, bags, belts.  If it is your favorite color you can really take advantage of it and enjoy it at the same time.

2. Yellow- Yellow always goes together with orange. When orange is trendy yellow gets popular too. It’s just a fashion law we have to get accustomed to. From pale yellow to bright lemon – this range is great for spring and summer.

3.Fuchsia- Fuchsia color does appear often and looks amazing.

4. Caramel Colors- Includes cream, light pink, coral, peach and banana  can be wear  separately or together, in combination with brighter tones or pastels.

5. Nude- Nude hue is one of the best in a color palette because of its versatility. It can be combined with everything and never looks vulgar or plain. There is something about this color that makes it so unique.

6. Red- Red differs in shades from scorching red to paler and lovelier tones. But no matter what you choose red is going to make you look special.Red as well as orange and yellow came to make our spring brighter. 

7.  Blue - Blue comes in a  huge variety of tones.aquamarine blue, light blue and turquoise are commonly the favorite tone.


  1. wala spring dito pero that dress can be a good summer dress here

  2. i love the colors! especially the caramel color :)

  3. I super like caramel colors! Earth colors are trendy!

  4. i love the dresses and i wonder how they pick which colors will trend..

  5. wala mang spring here those brightly colored dresses are great for summer too! I am looking into looking for the best summer color that's flattering for my skin tone and shape..thanks for sharing sissy :)

  6. Great ideas here. I am not into fashion things but it is good to know how those colors go with the season.

  7. love all the bright colours!! before I am so scared trying them out but since i am loving those models with dark skin wearing yellow or anything bright i thought i might try it as well and i love it!


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