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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lindsay Lohan to Play the Role of Elizabeth Taylor

Lindsay Lohan who started her career as a child fashion model for magazine advertisement and television commercials at age three went from innocent cute looking girl to a troubled drug addict teenager.She is only 25 years old but now looks nearly 40. The actress, was released last Thursday after completing her probation for almost five years.

Lindsay who attempting a career comeback was given the role of Elizabeth Taylor in a movie wants to spend her time reading the script for the upcoming movie, named "Liz and Dick," and focusing on the role.She also has a guest appearance on "Glee" before the end of the season.

Lohan's legal misery began in 2007 with two DUI arrest, many rehab stints, multiple trips to jail, and a necklace theft. She is now out, socializing, stays out of trouble and is in her best behavior so far.


  1. I assume she's playing a young Elizabeth Taylor. I hope Lindsay Lohan is able to bounce back. I loved her in Parent Trap.

  2. I like Lindsay Lohan:) I hope she'll make it great :)

  3. Goodluck to Lindsay, I like her!!

  4. Gotta give her credit for completing her five-year probation. Hope she's turned over a new leaf, though. :)

  5. I'm pretty surprised since she looks nothing like Elizabeth Taylor. O_O


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