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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mommy's Bright Bundles Guessing Game

I just thought to blog about  the coolest blog giveaway I joined in. I love to join the bloggers contest but never win so far. Days ago while online doing some tasks and checking the Filipino Bloggers group from time to time.There was a thread Mommy's Bright Bundles posted  on the groups wall. I saw a lot of comments and checked the URL post out of curiosity. It is all about guessing game.

There were lots of comments but nobody got the right answer yet. I hurriedly read it and understood right away what “Puu-chuush” means. My 3 years old son loves it too and they almost have the same pronounciation and not mention the fact that American food is not complete without “Puu-chuush” in the refrigerator.

It is a very easy give away, no rafflecopter, no tweeting or following to do. In other words, it is easy as a pie. All you have to do is comment to guess the word that the cute 15 months old baby said. Here is a part of Mommy's Bright Bundle post.

"Sometimes, it takes time for us parents to figure out what word our babies are uttering. Here is a word that my little princess learned just recently. It sounds funny because my husband and I couldn’t figure out at first. Here it is: “Puu-chuush”.

The story was: My husband came home from work one evening and went straight to the kitchen to put his beer in the fridge. Upon opening the fridge door, our daughter pointed on something in the fridge and tried to reach for it. Her daddy said, “You want this _____?” Then she tried saying it as puu-chuush.

I posted a status on Facebook trying to get my friends guess what it is. Nobody got the right answer so far. I think it’s fun! So I am creating a Guessing Game for this. This is also in celebration for my baby’s Easter Egg Hunt this year. Whoever guessed the right word for ‘puu-chuush’, will get a $15 gift card from a store you like, or PayPal cash of the same amount. I will have it run for a week from 4/6-4/14, so put your guess in comments on this post. As soon as someone guessed the right answer first, the game is over.

All you have to do is think of the things (food stuff) that we can find in the fridge. Hint #1: It is NOT a drink. "

I won and received the $15 prize money through Pay pal in less than 15 minutes. Thank you Mommy's Bright Bundle for the very generous prize. My hubby spent it at eBay already buying paper money for his money collection.

To read the complete story just go to Mommy's Bright Bundles and enjoy reading the post and all the comments.


  1. waaaa congrats sis! what's the answer? teehee ang galing mo a. :D

  2. ang galing naman!
    but I'll never guess it perhaps! hahaha!

  3. I might try this one later. LOl. Just hopping for exchange comments.

  4. Congratulations. Nice gimmick for a contest ^_^ Galing!

  5. Wow. What a very unique game. ;)

    I'm passing on such though.

    Congrats!! :)


  6. nyay conratulation tess!.. "Puu-chuush", pickle lang pala.. ang layo po noh?, uhmm thinking of a guessing game too for one my blogs :)

  7. great idea to keep your readers involved

  8. Wow.. Congats Ms.Tess..:)

    Pickle pala ang answer.. hahahaha...

  9. wow ko tuloy yung, "maymel"...

  10. This is really exciting! All I thought you'll let us guess haha bigla akong naexcite tapos naread ko nanalo ka ayun haha but i'm happy for you :3

  11. Wow 15 dollars at that! Congratulations!

  12. Nice quote about parents and kids ... its so true


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