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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Beautiful Camouflage Prom Dress

The camouflage prom dress is no ordinary dress, it is a labor of love specially made by a military dad for his 17-year-old daughter. Mariah who loves to hunt and fish and really wanted a camouflage prom dress but she couldn't find the an affordable dress so her daddy paid $97 for the material and made her one from scratch.

Mr. Herron, a former military man, who learned to sew his stripes and hem his own uniforms turned the family room into a sewing shop. He took the time to study the camo fabric and sewing instructions online. The beautiful dress was finished after six weeks, a strapless, black satin gown made from Snow White Camouflage fabric with a white under layer and covered with black tulle. The top of the dress is lined with a thin black ruffle and a black satin bow is fastened to the back of the dress. The waist is lined with shotgun shells. The father bought a brown and white boots to match the look.

Mariah loves it and even asked if the dad would make her wedding dress too.

What a special Dad! He should win a dad of the year award.


  1. I like camouflage colorway and seeing it in a prom dress really stands out.

  2. Actually for me the dress itself is not pretty (sorry). I just don't like the dull color for a prom dress. But since the dress is made by the dad, this is worth a hundred times more. :)

    1. yes, for others like you, who are not into hunting and not so familiar with camouflage, this is not pretty but for us who lives here in the US and loves to hunt or hunting is a part of our lives, I don't hunt but my hubby and his kids are hunters, the camouflage designs and clothing is a part of our lives too. And you are right, the dad did it for the love of his daughter thus made the dress the most beautiful dress in the her daughters eyes.

  3. wow, camouflage is very popular among us fashion bloggers, That's the coolest prom dress I've ever seen.

  4. Wow, so very thoughtful and caring father. I so miss my father na tuloy because of this post. Fathers always do anything for their sons and daughters. Proud Father!

  5. Awwwww. this is so sweet!. I appreciate all the efforts of her dad in making this dress in six weeks and I love it! (the dress) because this dress is not your typical prom dress "pink, glitters, overflowing with tulle". A total edgy and stand out look for prom.

  6. more than the dress, this is a story of a father's love for his daughter. She looks really pretty in this dress and who would have thought that a camouflage could turn out to be an elegant prom gown :)

  7. Wow! Her daddy is such a wonderful man. But this pic reminded me of a very unsightly picture of Honey Boo-Boo's mom's camouflage wedding dress with similar (maybe the same?) print with this one. Sorry off topic :D

    Anyway, I agree that he should have the daddy of the year award :)


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