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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Grocery Shopping Tips to Save Money

We always need common sense when shopping but still we regret to use it most of the time. If you want to save on shopping expenses, don't shop hungry, start with a full stomach. Make sure to have a snack or something before grocery shopping. Plan your meals ahead of time.

So how can you save when you are grocery shopping?

1. Make a grocery list. Check the stuff you still have in the kitchen. Plan your meals ahead of time.  List down everything that needed to be bought. It will give you an idea how much you will spend. Don't walk up and down the aisles grab whatever you come across. The result is, you will end up buying too much stuff that ends up to waste. 

2. Prioritize the needs. Buyers thought that buying in bulk could save them more money. You may think you saved a lot of money but in the end you will sacrificed the basic items needed. Items that are not needed are included in the list, you then have to stick to it. Knowing what you’ll be making will help keep you from making the extra purchases.

3. Coupons are cash in your pocket. Collecting Coupons can give lots of discounts. One of the way to extreme couponing is to combine coupons with sales in order to create larger savings.There are plenty of coupons on newspapers, magazine clippings, business mails, and at websites to collect.

4. Compare prices between products. Some good products are cheaper than the other known brands. It won't hurt to try other brands that fits your budget. A lot of store brand products are just as good, and cost less.

5. Compare prices between stores. Scout deals before shopping, you might find good sales in one of your favorite store. Most grocery store include their weekly ad in the newspaper online. You can use this information to help create your shopping list.

6. Make fewer shopping trips. The more you go shopping, the more you spend. Try to make your shopping trip once a week. or every two weeks. Less trips will focus you more on buying larger quantities carefully. Less trip means saving money on gas too.

7. Avoid impulse purchases. Avoid buying things you don't need even if it is on sale. Sale are always there and if you keep buying stuff on impulse, you will end up spending more money instead of saving.

There are a ton of ways to save money with your planned shopping. It can save you a few bucks each shopping trip.


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