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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cheap and Easy Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom

Bathroom is one of the favorite part of the house next to kitchen. A big bathtub with a modern interior is a joy in our heart. A warm bath, staying immersed in the water while listening to a soothing sound of a music or watching television is very relaxing. We don't need a big bathroom to get that over all look that we dream of. It all depends on a design, bathroom decorating ideas and stylish renovations. We can check online for the best design or if you have the money, pay a professional to do the job for you.

The cost of a bathroom makeover can be too costly, but there are always ways to save. Focus the renovation on a smaller ideas by  minimizing the layout, add storage, or replacing fixtures and less need to relocate plumbing and electrical works. Buy affordable but high quality materials such as laminate over granite countertops. If you are on a budget and cannot hire a professional.

Here are some of the simple bathroom decorating ideas that will help  for bathroom renovation.

1. Keep your bathroom simple. Natural wood accents creates a clean, modern look.

2. Trendy tiles makes a lot of difference to a boring plain tiles. Use your favorite color or pattern to decorate the bathroom.

3.  Use achromatic color scheme to create a soothing space instead of plain white. Gray tones mix  gives your bathroom  a a modern look

4.  Adding a long mirror above a double sink or  vanity for a perfect powder room. Mirror  helps lighten up  the room.

5. Brighten up the mood by bringing in  the simple beauty of nature indoors with wood-inspired flooring, accessories and decorative flowers. 

6. Large window and mirrors optimizes natural lights and saves energy .

Remodeling the bathroom is a challenging project, yet rewarding. Get started by planning  the design ahead of time based on your budget. Keep in mind  that  bath  remodeling projects, big or small when done is an accomplishment for your family.

photo credit: DIY network


  1. woah! saktong sakto tong post na to! hahaha, my mom is planning to remodel and re decorate our bathroom pa naman. :))

  2. mirrors really do a lot... space and lighting. i'll keep your tips in mind, they will come handy in the days to come. Yahweh bless.

  3. Fabulous tips! I love the natural wood & bamboo in a bathroom. It makes it feel like a fancy spa. Large mirrors not only help the room look more spacious; it makes it easier for more than one person to use when getting ready in the morning! The best tip here is to keep it simple. Too much stuff going on the walls & crammed into a bathroom can make it feel busy. A bathroom should have more of a relaxing atomoshpere.


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