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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Top 5 Decorative Blind Options

Windows beautify the home, allowing natural light in while also helping to regulate temperatures. Blinds and other window treatments are another way that the home’s appearance can be enhanced. They provide the frame through which the home's inhabitants view the world. Moreover, the different varieties of blinds also provide privacy and security. To make the best possible window treatment decisions, it’s a good idea to be able to recognize the top five different styles of blinds that are available on the market today.

 1. Horizontal Blinds

This window treatment style is perennially popular thanks to its versatility and affordability. To create this style, individual slats of plastic, aluminum, wood, faux wood or another material are stacked on top of each other and strung together with a convenient pull cord. The slats can be angled in a number of different ways to allow in more or less natural light. Alternatively, the pull cord can be used to lift the blinds completely out of the way. Available in an amazing variety of colors and styles, horizontal blinds can be custom made to fit your windows. You may also purchase readymade horizontal blinds that you can cut down to size or utilize as is.

2. Vertical Blinds

This style is popular on windows and glass doors. It provides a modern look, and works much like horizontal blinds but with the slats running vertically. Again, the slats can be angled to various directions to let in the sun or be closed to keep out the light entirely. Disguising the less attractive headers on vertical blinds is easy thanks to a decorative valance, some of which come along with the vertical blinds. You may also be able to choose the blinds and valance separately, providing you with an endless array of design choices.

3. Roman Shades

This chic, elegant style is a classic. Roman shades are available in several different styles. Flat or classic Roman shades feature a smooth surface when the shades are fully extended. Balloon Roman shades have a billowy, casual look. Between these two style extremes, there are several other degrees of Roman shades of varying weight and volume. This type of shade is made from a wide selection of different materials that range from heavy fabrics to light, airy materials. An assortment of solid colors and patterns helps these window treatments to make a statement in any room.

4. Honeycomb or Cellular Blinds

These modern window treatments offer tremendous versatility and a sleek look. Known for their ability to effectively let in just the right amount of light while also helping homeowners to save on utility bills, honeycomb blinds are frequently made with cutting-edge materials. Others are produced with a high quality polyester material that’s been specially treated to repel stains. An anti-static finish also helps to keep these blinds looking clean. Honeycomb blinds typically stack into a compact shape when they are pulled up, allowing for the best visibility through the window. Many of these cellular blinds come with the innovative top down, bottom up feature that allows you to expose the top portion of your window while keeping the bottom covered or vice versa. These wonderful designs are frequently available in cordless and remote control varieties, and come in an endless selection of colors. For many stylish homeowners, the honeycomb blind has become the blind of choice.

5. Solar Shades

This is an ultra modern look that can easily be made a part of the design of any sunny room in your home. UV rays that filter in through windows can fade or otherwise damage furniture and floors in your home. If you have a particularly sunny spot in your house, you may have already seen the damaging effects of the sun on your furnishings. A solar shade helps to correct this problem with a look that is as functional as it is stylish. A sleek, minimalist design sensibility is common to most of these shades, making this style a strong choice for people utilizing a modern décor scheme. However, solar shades can be used in conjunction with more conventional draperies, making this a versatile choice that can work with traditional interior design styles as well.

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George Dennis is president of King Shade and Window, a home improvement company  that supplies replacement windows for the Boston area. They also help customers compare roller shade and replacement windows in Boston for all windows. Find the perfect Custom Shades from for your home, apartment, or condo.


  1. I dont know that we actually have this particular names for this kinds of blinds for our windows! I guess that we have a vertical blinds inside our bathroom beside out bath-tub. and a big one in the lounge room too as it is look more stylish since our house walls are more like glass and can see through hehe =)

  2. I want to have solar shades but I think these are not really available yet widely in the Philippines. I have not seen many houses with those installed.

  3. I think vertical blinds are better since it gives you more control on the lighting.

  4. in our home we have the roman shades, i think that's one of the most expensive ones out there but it's so vintage-y which matches my parents' house very well.

  5. I think my favorite would be the solar shades. It would be perfect for houses here in the Philippine since it is scorching hot especially during summer season. Thanks for sharing!

  6. my mom's always decorating out house but she hates printed kind of curtains. she settles in plain colors.:)

  7. Vertical blinds would be nice but not so advisable with young kids around because they tend to pull those out :D so, definitely not an option for us right now. I haven't seen solar shades here in our area but that would be fantastic!

  8. Although I'm a bit partial to old-fashioned curtains, I can appreciate the use of blinds for the home.

  9. Here in our house we use horizontal blinds it provide excellent privacy and light control. Much easier for me to open it and more effective.

  10. omg solar shades! I need it since I'm planning to install a floor-to-ceiling window. =)

  11. I use blinds too in my house. I love em. so easy to maintain. Haha!

  12. I think vertical blinds are better since it gives you more control on the lighting.
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