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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cleaning Your Ear with WaxVac

You may have heard that the inside of the ears should not be cleaned at all; that whatever is in there will come out naturally. Some follow that not because of heeding the instruction but because of simple neglect. Others who cannot stand the sight of dirt will do everything to remove that earsore, sometimes to the point of getting hurt.

The usual solution...  If earwax is wet (the real wax), the usual solution is to use cotton buds so that the wax will cling to the cotton. Using ear spoon will unnecessarily scrape off and hurt the ear lining which is sensitive to hard objects like the ear spoon. It is also gives a better clean.

The dry kind is usually dealt with an ear spoon because of the capability to scrape them off since they usually stick to the wall. If cleaning has not been done for a week to a month you can even feel that the ear wall has been covered as if paved with cement. The tendency is to get a feel of the edge where you can start "peeling" off the cemented wax. When everything seems to have been removed you can use a cotton bud wet with water just to get the tiny wax particles that sprinkle the wall.

The better solution... With the usual solution, cleaning may irritate the ears that may lead to infection. You cannot let a kid do the cleaning otherwise the chance of getting hurt to the point of getting deaf because of a slightest wrong move, regardless if intended or accidental. With a WAXVAC, even a  kid can use it without any supervision needed. It's safe, gentle, and does the job well without the fear of irritating the sensitive part of the ear.

Say Goodbye to Cotton swabs, use WaxVac, the safest way to clean your ears. "Simply attach a silicone tip to the WaxVac and insert it into the ear to gently draw out any dirt or water, without the slightest bit of discomfort"Visit the website for more information. WaxVac can be purchased at for  $10.00 only.


  1. This is a nice tool to remove earwax, looks like a very safe one as well. Does it tickle when you use it?

    1. no,that's what I thought to, but it turns out to be gentle in my ear.

  2. Coolest invention after the telephone! I wish I can have something like this.


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