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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Astigirl: A Grown Girl Living on Her Own Terms

Christmas is a special time of the year that everyone is waiting for, admit it or not. Whatever reason you have, the truth is, you are excited but a little concerned about your expenses with the current economy.

Well, Christmas is supposed to be buying presents that the receiver will love to have. Toys are definitely for children but what about the teenagers and lady friends ? We want them to be happy too receiving gifts that they like most.

Are you thinking of giving and receiving stuffs like mug, wall clock, towels, picture frames? Oh my, please spare those items for spirit's sake. My suggestion, if you have a small budget, then here are reasons why you should buy books for a present: reading is good for us, books are relatively cheap, buying books are always an investment and we can purchase books our way, online or in bookstore.

A good friend suggested a book titled Astigirl: A Grown Girl Living on Her Own Terms. She got her a copy and enjoyed reading it. Astigirl is  a collection of blog entries by Tweet Sering, that documents her growth from the girl she was before to the girl she is today. I checked online to find out what was so special with the book, read reviews, and so far, all are writing positive thoughts about it.  We want everybody to be happy receiving gifts that they like most.

Now, I am sure that this is the perfect Christmas present for me and my teenager. Got to get me a copy and enjoy reading.

Book Description:

Far from the grownup she thought she would be, Tweet Sering, 30-plus and tormented by a raging discontent with stale notions of how one must live, strips herself of the trappings of adulthood—no job, no savings, no insurance, and not even a credit card—and resolves to begin growing up again.

In this memoir that is by turns sharply funny, intelligent, outspoken, but also pained and bewildered, Tweet shows her readers how being astray can turn into being astig (tough). Her essays remind us of long, late-night chats with our favorite friend, so that the substance of the go-for-broke account of her journey is not muddled by easy sentiment, but shines with a desire to cheer us on into our own journeys of being a tough girl. An Astigirl.

You can get a copy of Tweet Sering’s book from the following:

For Ebook
1. Amazon
2. Barnes and Noble
3. iTunes
4. Flipreads
5. Kobo

For the Print Edition
1. Fully Booked – paperback
2. – hardcover (signed copy)

Book Reading Event: 
Tweet is going to read with two other authors on December 14, Friday, 8pm at Briggy Hall along East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig.


  1. I think this would be a nice gift for growing teenagers. I'll consider this for my niece.


  2. Sonds a nice book for a gift. Try ko look at it sa e-book.

  3. I've read some good reviews about this book, too. Gotta check this out, my teenager sis will surely like it!

  4. A must read book. First time to hear this ASTIGIRL, but I've read some good reviews about this book.

  5. I think this would be perfect for my girlfriends. They, too, love reading.

  6. My niece wanted to read this book because her bff also recommended this.

  7. INDEED receiving a book is great!! My daughter even love reading just bought her two books earlier! xx

  8. indeed books are great gifts for xmas! Just bought my daughter two books ealier she loves them! xx

  9. Giving books is a wonderful Christmas present suggestion. That's one interesting book by the way! ^◡^


  10. Another cool event at Briggy Hall! That place is turning out to be quite the 'launch pad' for many local and cultural up-and-comers :) Have fun at the book-reading, guys! And don't forget to try the food there at Briggy ;)

  11. hmmm... sounds interesting. I wonder who will give this to me as a Christmas gift... :)

  12. this is interesting for a girl like me. i wonder how much is the price at fully booked?

  13. Been seeing a lot of posts and reviews about the book. A good one to check out.


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