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Monday, December 16, 2013

Drinking and Driving This Christmas

We have entered the most hectic yet most anticipated month of the year, and it’s not surprising if you’re already fully booked for reunions and parties this early. Booze will be overflowing for sure, and it would be very difficult to say “no” to them unless you want to be a Grinch. But you’re probably hesitating because you want to make sure you’re not too drunk to drive or be driven by a cabbie.

You think?

Between driving your car (and getting the risk of getting caught by MMDA or LTO marshals) and taking a taxi after a night of drinking, I say grab a taxi. It’s much safer and more convenient. Hard to believe, but here are some of the reasons why:

1. GrabTaxi drivers are carefully screened and chosen by taxi operators and managers. Therefore, we can be sure they are decent, reliable and trustworthy drivers.

2. These chosen drivers then fill in application forms and submit a barangay clearance along with a copy of their driver’s license. This way, GrabTaxi knows they are partnering with local citizens with clean records.

3. Once they pass the initial requirements, the drivers are required to attend classes on how to use a smartphone (because they will each be issued one, yey!), especially how to navigate through the GrabTaxi app. The classes also include lessons on proper etiquette. For this one alone, I salute GrabTaxi because our public transportation drivers, not just taxi drivers, need this kind of training.

Once these drivers pass all requirements, they are given a reward-suspension incentive scheme. This means that for every accumulated positive feedback they get from passengers, they get equivalent rewards from GrabTaxi. In the same token, negative feedback will be counted and subject the driver to a suspension. Three suspensions will automatically mean the driver will be banned from rejoining the GrabTaxi accreditation.

What’s even more cool about using the GrabTaxi app is its ability to track your entire taxi ride from pick up to destination. So your family or friends (who should also download a GrabTaxi app) can see in real time where you are and if you have safely reached your destination.

GrabTaxi has been in the Philippines only this year, but many have attested to its effectivity and safety. It also has presence in other countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. So if you happen to go there, your GrabTaxi app also applies.

So if you haven’t heard of GrabTaxi yet, you’re probably living under a rock. Ditch your car for those party nights and start downloading the GrabTaxi mobile app now so you can still drink and get driven home safely and in one piece.


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