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Friday, January 4, 2013

Walmart Christmas Clearance now 75% off

Check your local Walmart today, they started the marked down Christmas clearance of 75%. I went grocery shopping this morning and I had the chance to shop for more Christmas stuff, gift items and dog toys. There are not that many sale items, most are gone on the 50% off last week but there are still a lot to buy.

If you still have time, don't forget to scan some of the stuff, some might not be on sale, people put stuff on the sale items and just leave it there.

Here are the stuff that I bought for my dog. Each cost $1.49 only, a real big savings and good treat to another favorite member of the family. She is daddy's little girl after all.


  1. I haven't gone to Walmart yet, most of the sale is probably gone by now hehehe. I just don't have the budget to shop.. sigh. Good buys you've got.

  2. I haven't been to Walmart for a while now, i missed their Christmas sale! Wow! 75% is a lot! i wish i have gone there...but i heard all of the ornaments and Christmas decors were gone....i definitely missed it.

  3. if ever i'd go to the US, walmart is one of the places i'd love to visit! ;)

    how thoughtful of you to get that cute teddy for your dog! ^_^

  4. oh boy! i bet they have all kinds of sales right now, but i will not even attempt to show it to my kids because i don't want to get them anything yet hehehhe

  5. Oh, so this week is the 75% then! Last week was still 50% and I didn't find it to be worth my moolah! :D I should check the aisle out this week! :D

  6. Wow, a sale after Christmas! I'm sure there are many interesting items that have been marked down. That is why it makes sense so set aside a little for opportunities like this.

  7. Sis, saan ka sa US?

    Re: Atchara. $20 po per order included na ang shipping fee. I use the smallet size of a flat rate priority box. I buy the container for $1.50 and the shipping is $5.53. The rest of the $20, yun yung worth ng atchara. I hope you'll try ordering para ma-try mo yung timpla ko. If you're interested to order, please add me at FB, if you don't mind.

    Thanks for the inquiry! :)


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