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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Songs Your Kids Loves to Hear

Kids love to listen to music, in fact the only time we noticed them watching closely on television is during the commercial breaks. Those commercials with lovely, up beat music really catches their attention and making them to stop whatever they are doing .

Songs today are a way different from our generation. When not in front of the tv, do you know any of the songs that your kids are listening to? Whether our kids like it or not, it is our duty as a good parent to guide them the right music.

 Here are some that are familiar to me.

  • Kidz Bop has great songs, the music might sound a little annoying to the adults but the children and teens they will enjoy it.  they're great for dancing at parties as well. is a social network and video site for kids. The site is  moderated and asafe environment  for  kids to listen to music, to upload their own photos and videos, create their own webshows and fan pages and more
  • Hannah Montana songs- There are a lot of songs performed by Miley Cyrus that was used in the Disney Channel series Hannah Montanan and Movie.
  • Jonas Brothers- The 3 Jonas Brothers are pop rock band that have gained popularity from the Disney Channel children's television network.

What else are some good songs for kids that you can recommend, old or recent?

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  1. kid artists are scarce these days, but i think it does not really matter whether our children listen to grown up artists, as long as we will be there to guide them all though out.


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