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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cash For Gold

Cash For Gold is a growing business nowadays. People opt to sell their gold jewelries to make money.I remember back home, when I was growing up, there were people earns money out of buying old broken gold jewelries, old and silver coins. They walk from one house to another hoping for the neighborhood to sell them used or broken scrap.

I grew up in the Philippines where pawn shops business are found everywhere. I used to pawn 3 of my Saudi gold bangles to pay for my hospital bill when I gave birth to my eldest son but I made sure to get the jewelry back after a few months and until now I still have them.

In this current economic time, selling gold is one of the practical way to make some money to pay the bills. It is easier to deal with the Cash for Gold shop. They have great costumer service, selling is quick and easy and you will get more cash for your gold jewelry. 


  1. Yes I do agree with you. In our place, there are still ambulant old gold buyers. They even bargain to buy defective or broken watches.

  2. I remember a time wherein my relatives keep the gold rather than sell 'em. The economy has been really rough on us.

  3. Actually until now this is still exist, there are some peeps who were asking for broken jewelry

  4. I agree that gold is a good investment. I would buy gold when I have the extra ca-ching ca-ching!!

  5. this is nice! definitely making me realize that gold is a good investment :)

  6. Gold and other key minerals is an alternative to saving excess cash as this one appreciates through time. Also, I agree that there is a large pawn market in the Philippines.


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