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Friday, March 9, 2012

How to Remove Captcha on Blogger Comment Box

Captcha or word verification in my opinion is very inconvenience and a tortureWords are really hard to read and it only delay visitors to comment on the blog. If you are worried of the spam comments there is other way to prevent it by moderation. Comment moderation is necessary in case of disabled word verification .The spam comments  can be rejected in this setting.

Here are the steps to disable the word verification.
1. Go to dashboard.Make sure that you are on an old blogger interface. The tab is at the upper right side.Click the "old blogger interface " to change.

2.Click "Setting"

3.Click '"Comments" 

4.Set the comment moderation to "Always".

5 Click "No" for Show word verification.

6. Save Settings.


  1. I'll link to this post when I do a post of 101 for Newbie bloggers. :) This is a very clear, concise how to do it. The visual aid is very clever.

    I participated in my first international blogging event last year, and the tip to remove captcha was on top of the list of how to have a user friendly blog page.

    As you clearly observed, it is one of the stumbling block that makes readers give up before they have even begun with leaving a comment.

  2. I wish every blogger will read and follow your blog, its so hard to do exchanging comm now

  3. Awww thanks Ms Tess, will do this later... Badly needed.. ;)

  4. very helpful..lalo na sa mga blogger blogs..

  5. bump for this I hope that all FBW member will removed theirs

  6. Thanks for the tip.

    It seems to work with the new interface as well.


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